JATC - Just Another TourCreator
(07.2008, JATC 2.2.0)
Creating panorama tours
JATC is a tool to help you creating virtual tours from your panoramas. Ok, let's start with some screenshot. Everyone likes screenshots:-)

Main tab with preview of active pano

Defining pano, hotspots, floorplan

What is that for?
Creating a tour of several panos might be a hard job if you got many links between the panos. You have to figure out the hotspot location in image-coordinates and transform them into spheric-coordinates, .

One day I thought, software with a nice GUI might help doing this job and started working on JATC. Now it's time to release the first english version. The first public release had been v0.9 in german only.
JATC starts as freeware, but meanwhile I spent a lot of time for implementation. So I decided to change it to donateware, there is no must, but if you want,you can follow the donate button at the bottom, thank you.
  • Creation of complex pano tours or simple single pano
  • Thumbnail gallery for quick navigation (SPi-V,krpano and FPP)
  • Defining hotspots interactively
  • Defining of sound spots for directional sound (SPi-V and FPP)
  • Supporting point and polygonal hotspots
  • Automatic hotspot creation
  • Defining nadir/cap/flat image
  • Defining map/floorplan
  • Preview of tour/pano
  • Creation of preview images for panos
  • Create a tour to be viewed with
  • Supporting ADR scene creation for SPi-V
  • Online help
  • Save and load tour to/from JATC project file
  • ...
Uninstall older Version ifusing installer

Start jatc_setup_*.exe and relax. JATC will be installed in the folder of your choice. A program group Start-> JATC will be created, linking to JATC.exe, the documentation, a demo project and the uninstaller.
Quick start guide
... will be installed with the installer. See online help.
  • .net 2.0 Framework
  • krpano player
  • PurePlayer plugin, and/or
  • PurePlayerPro plugin, and/or
  • SPi-V (needs v1.4 in JATC 1.2)
  • PTViewer
  • Flash Panorama Player
  • Panos should be equirect or cylindrical
There are several packages.If you have installed version 1.0.1 or higher you can just download the ziped binary packaged and copy the files to the jatc install dir.

If using installer, please uninstall older versions first

JATC_setup_2.2.0.zip JATC v2.2.0 zipped installer 6.5 MB
JATC_bin_2.2.0.zip JATC v2.2.0 binary package 6.5 MB
  • 2.2.0
  • changes
    • [NEW] Basic output for krpano player
    • [BUG] minor bg fixes
  • 2.1.9
  • changes
    • [BUG] PurePlayer/Pro: error if map hotspot has no position defined
    • [BUG] SPi-V settings: on start debug message box was showing current plugin dir
  • 2.1.8
  • changes
    • [BUG] Value for auto rotation was not applied on pano
    • [BUG] SPi-V xml output was ugly formated
  • 2.1.7
  • changes
    • [NEW] Thumbnail gallery for SPi-V and FPP
    • [NEW] Create sound spots for directional sound
    • [BUG] a lot of fixes from v2.0
  • 2.0
  • changes
    • [NEW] Flash Panorama Player support
    • [NEW] PTViewer support
    • [NEW] Helper for creation of ADR scenes for SPi-V
    • [NEW] Every hotspot may have its own hotspot images
    • [NEW] Online help
    • [CHANGE] Redesign of GUI
    • [CHANGE] now based on .Net 2.0
    • [CHANGE] Hotspot coordinates now saved as floating point no integer
    • [CHANGE] JATC project file format. Sorry. But current no request for supporting old format
  • 1.2
  • changes
    • [BUG] Having some problems with disappearing buttons. Fixed, I hope
    • [NEW] Created PayPal account for donation, if wanted
  • 1.2beta
  • major changes
    • [NEW] ReportLog:Dialog for showing JATC system messages. For debuging and user information i.e.: what files are copied
    • [NEW] Description, Author, Copyright for meta-tag
    • [NEW] Now using html-Templates for main html files
    • [NEW] SPIV: implemented polygon hotspots using the hitarea-layer in SPi-V 1.4
    • [CHANGE] Loading multi panos now right ordered as shown on file selection dialog
    • [CHANGE] XML encoding changed from utf-8 to iso-8859-1
    • [BUG] MapPosition was not set to current values in GUI
    • [BUG] Replacing ',' with '.' for numeric values in xml files
    • [BUG] Fixed wrong HS coordinates with cylindrical panos
    • [BUG] Hotspot position for PurePlayer, PurePlayerPro was wrong. Pureplayer places images
    • upper left. HS position now corrected by size of used HS image
    • [BUG] Hostpot position in PurePlayerPro map was wrong if position was different from 0,0
    • [BUG] Writing preview images payed no attention to the designated checkbox
    • [BUG] Changes in some inputboxes were not saved
  • 1.1.3
    • Bug: Compass control not visible on some english localisations
  • 1.1.1
  • major changes
    • PurePlayerPro support
    • map/floorplan for PurePlayerPro output
    • function for automatic hotspot calculation
    • support for cylindrical panos
    • gui control for map/floorplan. Toolbar (SPi-V), GUI.xml (PurePlayerPro)
    • generation of preview images and embedding in tour
    • autorun for SPi-V output
    • right click thumb to define hotspot target
    • output format not fixed. Can be changed for existing tour
    • gui improvements
    • bug fixes
  • 1.0.2
  • first official release
  • 1.0.1
  • unoffical beta
Road map
Version 2.2 - comming in summer 2008
  • Improvement of FPP and PTViewer support
  • Wishes?
thanks for testing and hosting JATC here on www.panoclub.de. trozzreaxxion made two of the equirects of the demo tour. They were taken during CeBit in april 2006 in Hanover/Germany.
aldo hoeben and immervision
thanks for the plugins and the templates I stole and put in here
Thanks to Erwin Goasguen from www.bluephotographie.com for providing samples of floorplans with PurePlayerPro
helge kippenberg
idea, programming. Contact see below
Contact, request
jatc at arcor dot de
If you want to make a donation, feel free to click on the PayPal button below